A Handy Wedding Wine and Spirits Guide

champagne-glasses.jpgIf your wedding reception plans include wine, champagne, beer, spirits or all four–better known as the guest-pleasing full bar–here are a few tips for estimating what you’ll need to buy, complements of the weddingchannel.com, where you can find even more in-depth information. I just wanted to give you a quick idea of how much your guests are likely to drink, how bottles break down by the glass and how much alcohol you’ll need for a full bar that will serve 100 wedding guests.

Let’s start with this statistic: Your guests will consume one drink per person per hour, or about five drinks over the course of your reception. (Watch out for the guests that want to double that estimate. They’ll be driving home.)

How many drinks in a bottle?

  • A bottle of Champagne fills six glasses (eight if the flutes are narrow)
  • A bottle of wine fills five glasses
  • A one-liter bottle of liquor makes about 18 drinks

How many bottles in a case?

  • A case of wine = 12 bottles
  • A case of beer = 24 bottles or cans

What do I need for a standard full bar (per 100 guests?)

  • Beer 2 cases
  • White wine 1.5 cases
  • Red wine 1 case
  • Champagne 1.5 cases
  • Vodka 6 liters
  • Gin 3 liters
  • Sweet Vermouth 2 bottles
  • Dry Vermouth 2 bottles
  • Scotch 3 liters
  • Bourbon 2 liters
  • Whiskey 2 liters
  • Rum 2 liters
  • Tequila 1 liter

merlot-glass-candle.jpgcocktas-anyone-candle.jpg Now, how about some fabulous “drinks” your guests can take home and enjoy? I’m talking about wonderful wedding favors that will beautifully complement the other glasses on the tables and make your wedding “the toast of the town!” The Petite Merlot Wine Glass Gel Candle with Heart Charm (left) really does look good enough to drink, as does the “Cocktails, Anyone?” Martini Glass Gel Candle, and both will be bright reminders of your unforgettable day!