Adapt the “Good Night” Station for Morning or Noon Weddings


Recently, “Good Night” stations at weddings have been bidding guests adieu, giving couples another trendy way to set their celebration apart from the rest. After a night of dining, dancing and drinking, hosts help their guests drive home safely with coffee and cookies , doughnuts or chocolate-covered strawberries, candy buffets, even fresh bagels and cream cheese. So what’s a couple planning a morning or noon wedding to do to take advantage of this guest perk? I have a few ideas for you!

Sober Guests Deserve a Special Goodbye, Too!

Morning weddings typically eliminate the need for alcohol, except for a toast or two. Coffee will probably already be part of the brunch or breakfast served (as might bagels and cream cheese!) Mimosas are always a nice touch, even for an early afternoon wedding, which may be followed by a luncheon or a buffet of lighter fare. Drinks should include a selection of soft drinks. Coffee, iced tea, soda and punch will fit nicely with your lighter food fare. Again, you can limit your alcohol, if any, to beer, wine and champagne for a toast.

Very often, couples hold their weddings earlier in the day to save money, because people eat and drink less during the day then they do at an evening wedding. So what should a “Good Day” station have to offer?

The Seasonal Weather Helps Pull It Together

For hot-weather “Good Day” stations, offer bottled water, fruited drinks, iced tea or cool smoothies, all in portable containers. Imagine the refreshing fun a Slushie machine would be for your guests! Just place to-go cups on the table and let them serve themselves. How about a combined ice-cream and candy station? Guest can get a dish of soft-serve ice cream embellished with sprinkles or M&Ms—and they can bag up some candy to take home, too! Ice cream sandwiches and popsicles are fun, and little bags of cookies-to-go are also a sweet way to say sayonara.

Goodbye beverages for cold-weather “See You Later” stations are hot chocolate, hot apple cider, a choice of gourmet teas and a hot-water dispenser, chicken soup and, of course, hot coffee–all in to-go cups. What about a candy apple or caramel apple guests can enjoy later? And warmmmmm banana or cinnamon bread! Ooooh! Fudge squares, too. You can pair any or all of these with a small candy buffet, too. Don’t forget those tiny, red cinnamon hearts that have a hot, little kick!

Why not let your goodbye goodies serve as favors? Everyone loves edible wedding favors! You might even want to put jars of personalized gourmet clover honey or strawberry jam at the station, so guests can grab one as they get their last goodies of the celebration and head home in the beautiful, bright light of day.