For Outdoor Weddings, This Is The Coolest Product Find Ever!

I know we talk a lot about beach weddings, garden weddings and all kinds of outdoor events–even backyard barbeques–and all the wonderful spring and summer wedding favors that go so well with those types of celebrations. But, this time, I just had to tell you about a product I came across that is a wonderfully ingenious product for outdoor events as well. No, it’s not a new wedding favor…but it does your guests a favor in a brand new way.

Stepping Out!

Ladies, you don’t have to worry about stepping outside in high heels any more! With this product, the days of having your stilettos sink in the sand or grass may be a thing of the past. Why should you have to sacrifice style just so you can avoid pitfalls in the grass? What’s this amazing product, you’re asking? Well, here it is…it’s called Heels Above.

A smart solution for a silly problem, these little high-heel protectors are available in two widths and slide right on the heel to give you a petite platform to stand on. For a more discreet look, choose the black protectors for black shoes. Made from durable plastic, they’re reusable. Just think of how impressed your girlie guests will be when you hand them a stylish pouch with these babies in them. They’ll walk with confidence, for sure!

Bye bye heels gunked up with mud and dirt and having to walk on your tippie toes for the entire reception to keep the heels from sinking. Helloooo sexy sandals in the sand!

Handy Helpers

Just so you know that these little protectors aren’t the only handy helpers around, here are a few other useful favors that are perfect for an outdoor event. Guests are sure to appreciate our personalized cherry blossom fan and thank you lip balm.