An Idea of Olympic Proportions! Wedding Favors for Your Asian-Themed Reception!

In my post today, I’m going to take you from the 2008 Summer Olympics to fabulous wedding reception decoration ideas that actually have a connection!

It’s a safe bet that almost everyone watches at least a little coverage of the Summer Olympic Games. Personally, I like to watch women’s gymnastics, swimming and diving and some track and field. And from what I hear, this year’s opening ceremonies four days from now in Beijing, China are going to be perhaps the best ever. China’s long history and intriguing culture have always captured our imaginations, and the rich, colorful pagentry of their celebrations is always a treat for the eyes.

Asian-Themed Weddings Are Hot!

In fact, that may explain why so many people–not necessarily Chinese or even Asian–are designing weddings and receptions that incorporate many Asian traditions and vibrant color schemes to make their event truly unique. And though it’s too late (unless you elope or have already planned it) for your wedding date to be the much sought-after 08-08-08, which is the date of the Olympics’ opening ceremonies, you still have time in ’08 (a number considered lucky by the Chinese) to have a wedding marked by “double happiness,” which is a traditional Chinese wish for newlyweds.

Go Bright and Bold with Red and Gold!

Imagine how freeing it would be to abandon the white, beiges and pastels of traditional American weddings in favor of the signature Chinese red and gold–also symbols of good luck and prosperity. A stunning gown, a fabulous cake and dramatic wedding decorations await the bride and groom who choose this international theme.

“Married couples who love each other tell each other a thousand things without talking”

Chinese Proverb

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doublehappycandle.jpgbuddha.jpg And because a picture is worth a thousand words–another proverb of unknown origin–here are two absolutely gorgeous Asian wedding reception decorating ideas that can be used as wedding favors or wedding table decorations. Set your tables aglow with meaningful “Double Happiness” Keepsake Candles (left.) Then let your guests be welcomed at their seats with “Awakened to Love” Buddha Place Card/Photo Holders (right.) I leave you with this parting sentiment…

(Wishing you double happiness and long life!)