Are Real Women On The Way Out? Get Ready For Robot Brides

Well, I never would have thought it, but it seems as though a “new and improved” woman is on the way.

Thanks to a Canadian man, this female robot named Aiko could soon be the wave of the future. It began with a quest to build the “perfect woman.” Now, two years and $21,000 later, some say that he has come pretty close. She can read, carry on a conversation, give driving directions, keep your accounts straight, and clean house around the clock because she doesn’t need sleep. While she’s not made for sex (wonder how long it will be before she will have that nifty enhancement), she does a great job keeping you company.

Admittedly, she does appear a little rubbery. But, she’s actually not bad on the eyes, and I’m sure she never nags. The designer says that all she needs now is to lose that clunky C3PO walk, and she’ll be just like a real person. When she does, could this be the end to women as we know it? Will women made the old-fashioned way become passe’? Could this eventually lead to Wi-Fi weddings and close encounters of the robotic kind? Now that’s enough to send my computer chips into overload!

The plus side

Besides saving money on food and manicures, I’ll have to admit that there’s a big plus side to this whole thing, ladies. If men can build their idea of a perfect mate, then so can women! Why not build a man that’s smart, sexy, able to hold a steady job and that would be an absolute dream to live with? Heck, you could even include a program that makes him ask for directions! The possibilities could get quite interesting.

There’s just no substitute

cake-place-card-holder.jpgcarriage-favor.jpgAlthough robot romance may be a thing of the future, right now, there’s just no substitute for the real thing. And when you’ve found the right one, it creates a magic that no computer program can simulate. So if you’ve found the real thing, take it to the next level with a wedding that’s out of this world. All your dreams can come true as you plan your fairytale wedding. Filled with dreamy centerpieces and sparkling place card holders, it will truly be one enchanted evening!