Are You a Cougar Bride?

Good for you, honey! My husband is 10 years younger than I, and we’ve had a good thing going for quite some time! Though I have nothing on Demi Moore, who’s 15 years older than that cutie pie Ashton Kutcher.

Reality vs. Perception

Frankly, there’s as good a chance your marriage will last and thrive as long as a marriage between two people the same age, which, unfortunately, isn’t saying much these days. And even though we all think we’re evolved when it comes to older women hooking up with younger men, most people still believe the woman is a predator—or we wouldn’t be called “cougars.” Folks, love doesn’t have any rules except the ones you yourselves find necessary to create in order to support your belief system. Think about it.

Meanwhile, Let’s Talk Tying the Knot…

As a wedding writer who’s definitely pro-cougar (you are my people,) I feel uniquely qualified to offer advice on wedding planning for the proper Cougar bride. Here it is:

Do whatever makes you happy. Elope. Have a small destination wedding. Have a big destination wedding. Wear jeans (like I did,) or go the gown-and-veil route. Get married anywhere you want, invite whomever and as many as you want, and enjoy every moment.

The love you share with your groom is no less valid than any other couple’s. If anyone has a problem with your relationship, it’s someone else’s problem—not yours. It’s your life and your happiness you might be throwing away if you listen to prophets of doom. Their opinions should, if anything, carry less weight than your own. Why? Because their judgment is superficial, based only on external perceptions and outdated cultural norms.

Bottom Line

Think it through. Don’t let your heart completely rule your head. (Good advice for anyone contemplating marriage.) Life gives no guarantees—to anyone for anything. If you feel as certain as any other woman that he’s the man you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with, don’t let anything stand in your way.