Around the World Wedding Favors

Whether it’s a sandy secluded beach in Bora Bora or a bustling romantic city like Paris, we’ve all got our dream honeymoon getaway. Get one step closer to where you want to be by incorporating hints of your favorite places into your favors. Maybe you can’t quite go on your dream vacation to far-off lands quite yet, but these little treasures will bring a taste of the wide world to you and your guests.

Pretty in Paris

The City of Love gets one step closer with these card holders. They’ll double as cute knickknacks or favors long after your reception, too.

Evening in Paris Eiffel Tower Silver Finish Place Card Holder (set of 4), $7-$9.45. Image courtesy of


Lucky Charms

In the East, elephants are considered good luck. Spread some positive vibes to all your guests with these tealight holders. They’ll look great on picnic tables outside on summer nights.

Lucky Elephant Tea Light Holder, $3.10-$4.20, Image courtesy of


Tropical Breeze

Having an outdoor ceremony? It’s the season of heat and humidity, so keep everyone cool in style with tropical printed bamboo fans. Place them at the entrance to the wedding location so guests can grab them on the way to their seats.

Tropical Fan with Romantic Plumeria Floral Designs, $10.98-$12.08, Image courtesy of

Out of the Box

Keep your trinkets from exotic locations in an ornate box fit for any traveler. This adorned container, covered in mirror and bead details, doubles as a photo or card holder!

Mini Treasure Chest, $19.99 for a set of 6, Image courtesy of

Where are you going on your honeymoon?