Beauty Tips for a Chilly Destination Wedding

Last month, we talked about the beauty routine you need when having a tropical destination wedding, but what about us gals that hate the beach? What if you’d rather be surrounded by white fluffy snow than foamy surf?

You’re headed for a chilly destination wedding!

Image courtesy of WeddingWire and Entwined Designs

You could be among the slopes of a ski town in America or the French Alps. Or, you could be saying your nuptials on the bow of an Alaskan cruise ship, surrounded by icebergs. Either way, you won’t have the same beauty routine that you would have had for a wedding in your home town. Follow these tips to make sure that you look stunning on your big day.

  • Lotion it up. With the super cold air outside an the super hot air inside, your skin is bound to get super dry. Combat this by using lots of lotion all over your body and face. For makeup, stick with cream foundation and blush since powder will dry you out even more.
  • Embrace the ice. What colors do you think of when you think of ice and snow? Most will say blue and white. While your dress likely has the white covered, tie in the blue for your eye makeup. A subtle dash of blue eyeshadow just along the lash line will bring the iciness from the outside in. Just make sure not to go above the crease or you’ll start to look far too ’80s.
  • Keep warm. Chattering teeth and blue skin isn’t cute. Keep a warm jacket with you for when you go from the car to the chapel, or any other time your beautiful self graces the chilly outdoors. If you want to look cute while doing it, pick a puffy white jacket to match your dress, or a coat in your wedding’s accent color.

You’re already flying in the face of tradition by choosing a cold wedding as opposed to something tropical. Don’t take it too far by forgetting just what the cold can do to your skin. And have fun!