Bridal Garters: Take Them or Toss Them!

As with a lot of the wedding traditions, some people may think they can take it or leave it, asking the question “what’s the significance of the garter toss, anyway?” Well, in addition to being a good luck piece that identified the man who was likely to marry next, it actually signifies the start of the honeymoon (clearing my throat) “festivities.”

Why they tossed it

Consummating the marriage was very important in olden times–and the people needed proof! The garter became that “proof”. In those days, there was no hanky panky until the wedding night. So, the groom getting the garter was evidence that they had done the deed. It’s hard to believe, but it is said that villagers would accompany the couple to the bedroom and literally wait for the garter to be removed and tossed to the crowd! Thank goodness, that practice has changed, and now the garter toss is done at the wedding reception.

Why you should take it

In addition to signaling the start of the honeymoon, the garter is actually a great place to add a little unexpected personality to your day. Probably the most versatile part of your wedding-day attire, garters can take on the style of the bride, the theme of the wedding, accentuate a hobby and even become a wedding keepsake if you choose a personalized wedding garter embroidered with your names and wedding date. Who would have thought that this little piece of yesterday charm would do so much for your day? So, whether you’re looking for something cute or classy, here are a few ways your garter can be a genuine expression of you!

Garters by Theme

From beach to camouflage, there are all sorts of designs and themes to choose from when it comes to coordinating your garter to your wedding.

Camouflage Garter

Love Bird Garter

Garters by Hobby

Include your passion for sports, hunting, airplanes or whatever lights your fancy in the garter design.

Washington Redskins Garter by GartersByKristi

Soccer Garter by GartersByKristi

Garters by Personality

Whether you’re an elegant bride or a bride who loves to do something different, your garter is a great place to let your personality shine through. From dainty to lace to racy chains, garters know how to make a statement!

Speaking of making a statement, I couldn’t help but include this video of The Most Outrageous Garter Retrieval Ever! You’ll be amazed at what this groom pulls from under the bride’s dress! No matter what garter you choose or how you choose to retrieve it, just have fun!