Kim K’s Weird Wedding Favors – Pads and Pashminas?

In case you’ve been living on Pluto until today, Kim Kardashian got married to pro basketball-player Kris Humphries over the weekend. Sometime last week I either tweeted or posted on Facebook my idea for Kim Kardashian’s wedding favors. I figured she’d take her cue from Will and Kate’s wedding–they gave their guests expensive scarves with a design of the British flag. I also speculated that, instead of the British flag, the scarves would feature television color bars (see the image on the right.)

After all, if it weren’t for reality TV, no one would know who the heck Kim Kardashian is. Why anyone cares who she is is still beyond me. As someone noted, Kim Kardashian is famous for being famous. But I digress.

You can imagine my surprise when I read a news story this morning that mentioned the favors given to guests at this multi-million- dollar media event. When I said “scarves”, I wasn’t far off the mark.

Jillian Barberie (the host of Good Day LA, former weather girl for Fox NFL Sunday and one of Kim and Kris’ lucky guests) said she received a notepad with the newlyweds’ image on it and a white pashmina that had Mr. & Mrs. Humphries embroidered on it, along with the wedding date.

Ego Maniacal

I don’t have a problem with the couple-covered notepad. It’s useful and handy for both men and women. But a pashmina (which I’m sure cost a bunch of money) with their names and wedding date embroidered on it? Who’s going to wear this? Certainly not the men at the wedding (who, I’m sure, breathed a collective sigh of relief when they realized they wouldn’t have to wear that tacky pashmina.) And I imagine most of the women guests have more than enough money to buy their own pashminas WITHOUT advertising someone else’s wedding.

The only women I believe would wear the pashmina would do so to make everyone they meet 1) aware of and 2) envious of the fact that they attended the nuptials of the world’s most narcissistic exhibitionist and her basketball-playing boyfriend (what was his name again?)

What Can We Learn From This?

If you think personalized pashminas are cool wedding favors, please, oh, please tell me why! However, IMO, don’t give expensive clothing with your names and wedding date on it. No one will ever wear it. If you think notepads are a cute idea, and they are, here are couple of neat notepads. which make fabulous practical wedding favors!