Four Wedding Trends It’s Time To Retire

As a wedding blogger, I try my best to keep you up to date on the latest wedding trends. So, I guess it’s also my responsibility to let you know when a particular trend has seen its better days. Although it’s largely a matter of opinion and personal taste (my older cousin still hasn’t retired his 60’s style dashiki–it’s become his signature look!), the final decision on what has become passe’ or not is really up to the bride and groom. It’s your wedding after all, and if you’re stuck in a time warp and just can’t let go of the chocolate fountain, then so be it. Go ahead and dip until your heart’s content!

There are some traditions like the first dance and cutting the cake that will never grow old. They’re classics. But, some of these other trends? Maybe not so much. Here’s what the good folks at Shine say you should strike off your list:

1) First dance to the song “At Last” by Etta James.

Instead, maybe you should choose a song that doesn’t say that you were at the end of your rope, just about to give up on getting married, but then…at last! or should we say “It’s about time!”

2) Tiny Food, i.e. cupcakes–oh, no!

Just like mini quiches, sliders and similar tiny treats may have seen their better days (you know they’re pretty common when you see them in the grocery store’s freezer section), what was once a cute alternative to wedding cakes may have lost some of it’s cuteness along the way!

3) Still life wedding photos that show more pictures of the “stuff” than the “people”.

A look through your wedding album shouldn’t have people wondering if anybody attended the wedding. I personally, love this artistic style, but be sure there’s a good balance.

4) The term “Bride-zilla” (and all other “zillas” if you ask me)

Talk about an over-used phrase–and an excuse for brides behaving badly.

One thing that will never go out of style

Favors! Even in this tight economy, most brides and grooms still give wedding favors to their guests. Whether they scale them back, make a donation in lieu of or pull out all the stops like Kim Kardashian, weddings have had and will continue to have favors–because showing your appreciation and having good manners are never out of style!