I just read that David’s Bridal is offering a copy of Kim Kardashian’s wedding gown (at least, one of them) for $1,600. Given the thousands upon thousands of wedding gown designs out there, why would you pick one that practically everyone in the cosmos has seen?

A Different Design for Every Bride

As a wedding blogger, I’m constantly perusing the ‘Net and bridal mags for what’s hot, what’s not, and everything in between. The number of new wedding-gown designs debuted annually by dozens of designers is staggering. Just thumb through any bridal mag, and you’ll see page after page of wedding gowns in almost every conceivable (and a few in inconceivable!) style. Add these to the thousands of still-spectacular designs that have flooded the market each year for even just a decade, and you’re beyond overwhelmed with choices. Personally, I think if every bride in the US in a single year was given a different gown–one unique gown per bride–we’d still have plenty of designs left over.

How DOES She Do It?

So how do you find one absolutely, walk-my-style-down-the-aisle, perfect gown in a gigantic sea of options? And why would you even consider one that had infamously already been there and done that? Seriously. I’m asking you. We’re literally swimming in gorgeous gowns with astronomical price tags and equally gorgeous gowns at affordable prices!

When it’s time to choose your gown, will the celebrity who wore it first have anything to do with it? Why?

I guess the same question can be asked about wedding favors. Fortunately, there’s an easy and much more affordable way to make your favors uniquely yours–personalized wedding favors, of course. Sure, it’s probable someone else thanked her guests with the same favor, but it surely didn’t have the same names and wedding date attached.

There’s a thought! You can make Kim Kardashian’s wedding gown uniquely yours by personalizing it. I imagine it would look something like this…