Brides Are Doin’ It for Themselves! Are You?

Presumably, you’ve picked the right guy. And you’ve dreamed every detail about your wedding since you were, what, about 12? Over the years, you’ve seen a multitude of possibilities in movies, television, books, magazines and weddings you’ve attended from which you’ve created a personal vision of your special day. Why look for inspiration anywhere else?

According to an ongoing survey of brides by top-tier favor designer Kate Aspen, more brides use their own personal vision for wedding-planning inspiration. Magazines came in second and the Internet is third, followed by “other” sources.

So what does this tell you? It tells me that the majority of brides have the utmost confidence in their ability to plan their perfect wedding. They don’t start from scratch. They go into it already knowing what they want and follow their own path down the aisle.

Yes, styles and trends change, but, unless you live under a rock somewhere in the remote wilderness with no electricity and no means of communication, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen the changes practically as they happen.

I agree with those brides who use their personal vision as their wedding inspiration, and I’m sure you have one, too. And remember, it’s perfectly okay to change your mind. Just don’t change your personal vision—for anyone!