Here’s The Skinny On Dipping Decorations For YourPoolside Wedding!

No matter if you planned it that way or if the venue just happened to have one, getting married poolside is a great way to take the plunge. (Hey, there’s a thought! Why not jump right in when you say “I Do!”) Decorated properly, it can be the centerpiece of your special day. Decorated poorly, it’s just a big body of water that’s sort of in the way. To keep that from happening, dive into these great ideas to decorate your swimming pool. Even though there’s no tide, your wedding guests will be swept away!

Everyone knows that floating candles can enhance your pool, but you can turn it up a notch or two by creating an underwater light show! This disco light is made especially for the pool and casts some crazy colors throughout the water. It’s almost like a liquid dance floor. Many designs offer different patterns, producing a light show that will keep guests engaged and entertained. Perfect for evening wedding and receptions. Pretty cool, huh?

Turn your pool into a fountain! If you’re planning a daytime wedding, lights just won’t do. But, this device allows you to create a fabulous fountain effect in minutes. While there are plenty of styles to choose from, this elegant, triple-tiered, Grecian fountain is my favorite. Shooting up to 16ft in the air, it’s weighted to stay put.

These are two clever ways to help you work wonders with water. And, since these types of devices are generally $50 or less, you’ll have plenty of “clams” left over to give guests a watery welcome, like personalized bottles of water.