Card Boxes to Match Your Wedding

Card Boxes to Match Your Wedding

While you might have an extensive list on your wedding registry, there will still be guests on your big day with cards in-hand. Then again, maybe you're forgoing the gift process entirely. In that case, you'll be flush with cards of congratulations and potential monetary gifts or gift cards. Either way, you'll need somewhere to put all those cards. A designated space will prevent any important message from going missing. Not only do card boxes have a practical role, but they can also be tailored to your wedding theme. Whether a beach wedding or a classic, traditional event, there's a card box for you.

1. White Glitter Card Box

Perhaps you're looking for something sleek and classic, but with a bit of sparkle. The white glitter card box has a subtle white glitter finish. With the white and gold "Cards" sign on the front, everyone will know exactly where to drop their cards.

White Glitter Card Box

2. Beachy Card Box

Having a beach-themed wedding? Or, maybe you're holding a destination wedding with your feet in the sand. In either case, the beach vibes of this aqua and shell card box will fit right in.

Beach Card Box

3. Geometric Floral Card Box

Floral themes are perfect for a spring or summer wedding. Not only will you be surrounded by beautiful, fragrant flowers, you can also incorporate the theme into your decor. Set this geometric floral card box on your gift table along with a few lovely bouquets.

Geometric Floral Card Box

4. Rustic Wood Card Box

Outdoor weddings and other rustic occasions need decor that references the nature around you. Skip the bright colors and go for this rustic wood card box. Guests will slip their cards in the top slot while still being surrounded by nature.

Rustic Wood Card Box

5. "Just Married" Birdcage Card Box

What about a vintage-inspired wedding? If you're en route to go with the classic white and black theme,  stick this "Just Married" birdcage card box in the mix and it'll fit right in. Its delicate cut-out details will add the perfect old-fashion feel to your well wishes station.

Birdcage Card Box