Planning for a Floral Spring Wedding

Planning for a Floral Spring Wedding

The trees are budding with fresh spring leaves and early flowers, like tulips and lilacs, are filling the air with fragrance. Spring marks the end of a harsh winter and ushers in romance and rebirth. Of course, that makes it the perfect season for a wedding. As you plan your floral spring wedding, focus on the decor and party favors to express what you love about the season.

1. Dress Up the Gift Table

Don't let the gift table go unnoticed. Fill the back of the table with a few vases of flowers. Add a card box for those who prefer gifting cards or money. The card box will add a touch of glimmer to your table, inviting guests to take in all the details and decor.

Card Box

2. Make the Place Settings Special

The wedding reception's place settings provide a great opportunity to tie in the floral spring theme. Pick napkins that feature a beautiful flower motif. You could even add a single-stemmed flower, like a daisy, laid across each plate. 

Floral Napkins

3. Add Fun Floral Centerpieces

While you've likely already planned some floral centerpieces for your tables, don't forget to make them special. There are a wide variety of styles when it comes to vases and other unique containers. Perhaps, display this set of iridescent ceramic bud vases that spell out "Love." 

Love Vases

4. Create Romantic Lighting

As you plan your wedding reception, think about the moods you want to create for guests. With the spring atmosphere and the love that permeates a wedding, a romantic setting is perfect. Spread some of mini lanterns on every surface for some seriously romantic lighting.

Mini Lanterns

5. Send Guests Home with Something Fun

Skip the typical, overdone favors for your spring wedding. Instead, hand out something that goes along with the floral theme. These personalized mini favors are made of seed paper. When planted in the ground, they sprout your choice of either wildflowers or savory herbs. Keep spreading the love!

Seed Paper