Come Out Of The Dark Ages With These Medieval Candle Favors

Long before there were light bulbs, electricity and even battery-powered flashlights, there was the fire. An excellent source of warmth and light, it was all medieval folks had to see their way, cook their food or do just about anything in the dark. (I guess that’s why they called it the Dark Ages!) Can you imagine having to pretty much cease all of your activity at sundown or trying to carry a flaming torch everywhere you went at night? What about huddling around a small fire for warmth instead of turning up the thermostat? One thing’s for sure, that’s not the life for me. It’s hard enough roughing it on a camping trip!

But those days weren’t ALL bad. It’s probably the most romantic time in history when chivalry was commonplace and knights rescued damsels in distress from high towers. Romance and adventure? Now that sounds like an exciting time to get married. If you’d like your trip down the aisle to be a walk on the wild side, a medieval-themed wedding might be for you.

Don’t worry. You won’t have to sit around in the dark like they did. These favors will shine brightly at your wedding. Recapturing the essence of that era, these candles and lanterns are most appropriate medieval wedding favors and an illuminating idea.

lantern-black.jpg lantern-garden.jpg

Not only do these lanterns make great table decor to help set the renaissance theme, but they’re also fun favors for your guests to take home. You can even line them along the walkway if you’re planning an outdoor wedding to help guests find their way. Now, that’s a way to shed some light on the subject.

frog-tea-light.jpgRecreating Camelot is a lot easier with these little frog favors. Symbolizing that you’ve met your Prince Charming (although you may have had to kiss a lot of frogs), they give your wedding a touch of whimsy. Packaged inside its own little “castle”, it’s a charming favor, indeed!

damask-votive.jpgWith the air of romance filling the room, you’ll want to capture it with this delicate, patterned votive holder made of frosted glass. The damask detail elegantly surrounds your flame of love and adds a touch of royalty to your table.