Cross-Dressing Wedding? What A Way To Come Out Of The Closet!

Now, I don’t know if I’d pick my WEDDING DAY to come out of the closet, but that’s what one couple is considering doing. When I read the post on a wedding forum, I immediately thought, “Now this screams blog post!” So, I must share it with you. Here’s the story…

The old switchero!

A soon-to-be bride posed this question to the wedding world–What if I dressed as the groom and my fiance’ dressed as the bride? I know what you’re thinking–they’re a gay couple, right? Well, not exactly. This is where the story gets interesting. Apparently, he happens to be a heterosexual cross-dresser and she’s perfectly cool with that, stating, “I’m a woman, my fiancé’s a man. But, he’s a heterosexual cross dresser and he personally thinks it would be a trip if we reversed roles at our wedding. What are your opinions on this matter? And further more, what would my Catholic family and his Baptist family think?”

What would they think? Well, here’s what I think they would think…

– My God, she’s an ugly bride!

– Wow…he looks better in that dress than she ever would!

– Are we on Candid Camera?!

– Guess we’ll have to change those towels to His, Hers and Sometimes Hers.

– These wedding pictures will be a hoot!

– I see somebody must have lost a bet.

– And how much did he drink at the bachelor party last night?

Can’t you just see the face of his 94-year-old grandmother seeing her grandson walking down the aisle looking like Dennis Rodman? Or how about the finger-pointing of her 6-year-old nephew screaming “Why is aunt Judy marrying a woman? at the top of his lungs. Raising a lot more than just a few eyebrows, questions, gasps, snickering and murmuring would be buzzing around that wedding like busy bumble bees.

To each his or her own

Taking a themed wedding to the next level (BTW that photo up there really isn’t him at all), I guess since they’re not actually gay, it’s not much different than having a Star Trek, Shrek, Medieval or other themed wedding in full costume. But, still, I don’t think I could do it. I’m a traditional gal and I’m looking forward to a classy, traditional celebration of love when I do finally say “I Do!” But, in the end, that’s the point–it’s not my wedding and they can do whatever the heck they like. Just be prepared with a bucket of smelling salts for the family and have the ambulance on stand by!

They’re not the only ones who can switch things around

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Oh well. Tell us how you’ve seen couples switch it up for their wedding day. We’d love to hear about it.