DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

We are approaching the holiday season and it’s time to start stocking up on hostess and holiday gifts. If you are looking to create a few DIY Holiday gifts, we have three awesome ideas that you would love!

First we have the “Vineyard Select” Enamel and Chrome wine bottle stopper:

This unique wine bottle stopper is appropriate for all events where wine is welcome. You can easily pair this “Vineyard Select” Enamel and Chrome Wine Bottle Stopper with a nice bottle of wine, making this one of the easiest “do it yourself” projects you’ve ever done.

Next we have the “Snowflake” Bookmark with Silver Finish and Elegant Ice-Blue Tassel:

For the avid book reader in your life, give them their favorite book, wrap it in Kraft paper, tie a holiday ribbon around it and add the “Snowflake” Bookmark to make the perfect holiday gift for teachers, book club members, family or friends.

Finally, we have one of our faves, the Glass Mason Jars:

With the Glass Mason Jars you can make Cocoa For Two! This DIY project is really easy. All you need are 3 Mason Glass Jars, hot cocoa, marshmallows, a glue gun, 3 buttons, orange paint marker, a piece of felt, black ribbon, black sharpie and Christmas ribbon. This easy Cocoa For Two DIY Holiday Gift will definitely be a hit with your family and friends!

“Cocoa For Two” Instructions

1. Fill 1 mason jar with hot cocoa and 2 mason jars with marshmallows.

2. Decorate one of the mason jars that have the marshmallow in it and create a face for your snowman. We used a black sharpie for the eyes and mouth and an orange paint marker for the nose.

3. Hot glue the mason jars on top of each other— the mason jar with the marshmallows goes on the bottom, the jar filled with hot cocoa goes in the middle and the jar full of marshmallows (snowman’s face) goes on top.

4. Glue 3 buttons on the mason jar filled with cocoa.

5. Take a piece of ribbon and tie it where the bottom of the snowman face meets with the jar full of cocoa.

How to Make the Snowman Hat (Optional)


1. Trace a circle on the black felt material, around the Mason jar lid. (We used the orange paint marker so we could actually see the circle on the felt)

2. Trace a circle on the black felt material, around the bottom of a cup. This circle will be slightly larger than the first one.

3. Now cut both of your traced circles out and you should have 2 sizes.

4. This part can get a little tricky!! Fold the smaller circle over the large circle, use it as a guide to cut around it. Now you should have a brim and a circle to go on top of the lid.

5. Glue the smaller circle on the top lid. Take the brim and place over the rim of the jar.

6. Take a piece of black ribbon and glue it around the rim of the lid.