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If you’re stumped on what to get the bride and groom as a gift, you’re not alone. They want their guests to get creative. As you think about presents for the bride and groom, keeping with a theme is a good way to come up with some stellar ideas. For instance, if they’re having a […]
Winter weddings are always such beautiful and memorable events! With such beautiful weather as your backdrop, picking decor gets to be a fun task! Winter wedding decor features bright white shades and splashes of sparkles to match the glittering snow covering the ground outside the reception doors. Add in some tree or snowflake motifs and […]
Most bridesmaids gifts are themed either for summers at the beach or a day at the spa. What if your nuptials take place in the magical wonderland that is the winter holiday season? You’ll definitely need something to match the theme. Well, good news! There are some cute, seasonally appropriate bridesmaids gifts for a holiday […]
Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days of the year. It only makes sense to make it your official wedding date! 101dalmations / iStockPhoto However, just like with any holiday wedding there are some serious caveats to a Valentine’s Day wedding. Before you make the official decision, weigh the pros and cons. Pro: It’s Already Romantic […]

DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

We are approaching the holiday season and it’s time to start stocking up on hostess and holiday gifts. If you are looking to create a few DIY Holiday gifts, we have three awesome ideas that you would love! First we have the “Vineyard Select” Enamel and Chrome wine bottle stopper: This unique wine bottle stopper […]

If you were asked what the most romantic day of the year was, you’d probably say Valentine’s Day. February 14th is the annual day of love where couples show their affection and romantic attachment in fun and exciting ways. It’s also a popular date for a romantic and memorable wedding. When planning your own Valentine’s […]