Should You Have a Valentine’s Day Wedding? The Pros and Cons

Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days of the year. It only makes sense to make it your official wedding date!

Should You Have Your Wedding On Valentine's Day? The Pros and Cons | @MyWeddingFavors | 101dalmations / iStockPhoto101dalmations / iStockPhoto

However, just like with any holiday wedding there are some serious caveats to a Valentine’s Day wedding. Before you make the official decision, weigh the pros and cons.

Pro: It’s Already Romantic

Of all the holidays to have your wedding, Valentine’s Day is it. All your guests will already be in a romantic mood, and not just the bride and groom.

Con: Everything is More Expensive

Expect to be paying a lot more for a Valentine’s Day wedding. The flowers alone will constitute a huge spike in your budget. Don’t pick this date if you can’t afford the cost.

Pro: It Means Something to Both of You

At least it should, if you’re picking it. Maybe he proposed on Valentine’s Day or it was your first real date. When the date means something to you, it’s the perfect pick.

Con: It’s Harder to Book Venues and Services

Have you ever tried to go to a restaurant without a reservation on Valentine’s Day? It’s next to impossible. If you want your wedding on this romantic holiday, you have to book your venue, DJ, caterer and other services well in advance of when you normally would since you’ll have a lot of competition for the big day.

Pro: It Comes With a Built-In Theme

You don’t have to spend precious time worrying about a theme. Valentine’s Day is all about hearts and the color red. Just make sure to keep it tasteful and not like you raided the Valentine’s aisle of your local party supply store.

Con: It’ll Be Harder to Nail Down the Guest List

People tend to already have plans on holidays. Plenty of people plan special trips for Valentine’s Day, so it could be tough to get enough ‘yes’ RSVPs. Plus, your guests who do come might be a little miffed that they’re spending their romantic holiday at your wedding and not in their own special way.

Pro: It’ll Be Easier to Remember Your Anniversary

By having your wedding on Valentine’s Day, you’re making it so much easier to remember your anniversary. From now on, Valentine’s Day will be special for two big reasons and not just one.

Con: The Perils of a Winter Wedding

This is the case for all winter weddings, but you’re really fighting the weather here. There’s nothing stopping a blizzard from wiping away any chance of a fun evening, so make sure you live in a warm enough climate that you don’t have to worry too much. 

With all that said, will you pick a Valentine’s Day wedding?