Five Floral Ways to Honor Earth Day with Your Wedding Favors

Despite what you see on the news, there’s so much beauty on this planet–it’s all around us every day if we bother to notice–especially now, when spring fills the air with amazing fragrances and surrounds us with glorious flowers of every imaginable color. April is a wonderful month for a wedding, and there’s no better time to celebrate Earth’s beauty. You can bring a gorgeous garden to your wedding reception tables with these unique wedding favors that blossom with beauty.

Five Flowery Favors for Your April Wedding

callacandle1.jpgCalla lilies are quickly becoming almost as popular as roses for bridal bouquets. A flower of celebration, the calla lily represents beauty and purity, and its large, white blooms are incredibly impressive. If you’re carrying a calla lily bouquet, why not bring their beauty to your reception tables as well with vase-shaped, calla lily candles?
They add elegance to your tables, and your guests will notice your attention to detail. They’ll also love taking them home to enjoy!

roseballcandle1.jpg She’s the Queen of the Flowers, and the most popular choice for bridal bouquets. The rose, by any other name and in any color, has a fragrance as beautiful as its blossom. Roses come in so many vibrant colors, you can easily find one to match your color scheme. These rose-scented rose ball candles also make a lovely match for your wedding tables, and ironcally, pink roses represent gratitude and appreciation.

daisystopper2.jpg It’s no surprise that pink is a popular color for weddings, and brides who would like a more uncommon flower to accompany them down the aisle choose gerbera daisies. Those same brides are looking for a wild, whimsical favor and the “Blooming” Flower Bottle Stopper is a perky, practical favor that’s as unique as it is fun. It’s a great souvenir of your wedding! Your guests will truly enjoy them, and they’ll often be reminded of your flair and originality!

orchidgelcandle-m-s.jpg Orchids, the flower of the tropics, is one of the most beautiful flowers you can choose for your bouquet, especially for a beach wedding. Imagine rich, purple orchid centerpieces on your reception tables and one of these Elegant Orchid Gel Candles at each guests’ setting! These candles could also be a part of the main centerpiece to show your guests how gorgeous they are as they flicker amidst a calm and relaxed setting.

flower-plantables.jpgFinally, if you’re a free spirit with a great love for earth’s beauty, a glorious wildflower bouquet is perfect for you! And even more perfect are the “Love Grows” Wildflower Plantable Favors that can be plated by your guests once they get home, giving your guests a wedding favor that will surround them with magnificent flowers, add to Earth’s unending beauty and remind them of your special day!