Four Ways To Say “Olive You” With Italian Wedding Favors!

Viva Italiano! Whether you’re of Italian descent or not, everybody seems to love the flavorful food, stylish fashions and full-bodied wines of Italy. I don’t know about you, but there’s just something about a warm bowl of pasta, delicious bread and a good bottle of wine. It stands to reason that this slice of American pizza pie has found it’s way to the wedding world. Capturing the essence of olive trees in a Tuscan valley, flavorful cheeses, wonderful wines and fresh-baked biscotti, these Italian wedding favors help your guests savor the flavor of your special day.

olive-you-oil.jpgWhat’s more Italian than olive oil? Not much. That’s why it’s a great way to say “Olive You” to your wedding guests. In a beautiful Tuscan-inspired box, the precious bottle of oil can be used as kitchen decor or in your favorite recipes. Either way, you can show your good taste with this olive oil wedding favor.

cheese-shaker.jpgSprinkle some love with this seasoning shaker. You can fill it with candy for the wedding reception. And after the wedding, guests can use it as a shaker for Parmesan cheese or spices over their favorite pizza or Italian dish. This unique wedding favor idea is called “Seasoned With Love”, and that’s just how your guests will feel when they receive it and notice the heart-shaped tag and open hearts in the lid of the shaker. Each loving detail let’s them know that they are loved.

wine-cork-place-card.jpgBecause no collection of Italian wedding favors would be complete without a salute to great wines, this wine cork place card holder releases the beauty and ambiance of a wine vineyard at your tables. Reminiscent of corks from the most revered European wineries, they are full of old-world charm. Used as a place card holder at the wedding or a photo holder at home, your guests can uncork the possibilities!

biscotti.jpgA sweet treat on any day let alone your wedding day, this Italian biscotti favor is made even more special because it includes the name and wedding date of the happy couple. Deliciously decadent, these personalized wedding favors are double dipped in rich Belgium chocolate and come in dark chocolate or traditional almond flavors. What a delightful way to end the day!

From biscotti and bottle stoppers to candles and coasters, you can wet your appetite for a taste of Italy at My Wedding Favors. Bon appetite!