How to Rock Emerald Makeup for Your Wedding Day

As you may already know, emerald is the Pantone color of the year. If you’ve chosen this jewel-toned hue for your wedding’s accent color, you’re left with an elegant and rich-feeling occasion.

While it’s natural to add emerald to your flower arrangements, accessories and table decorations, you may have completely forgotten about a great spot for this color: your makeup. If you’re not sure how to incorporate emerald into your bridal beauty routine, read on.

Image courtesy of MaryamMaquillage

When you want just a hint of this color, go for an emerald eyeliner. A smooth, winged emerald line will be just enough to tie your wedding’s color into your look.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Sometimes you want a dramatic look but you don’t want to commit to so much color. The above look is perfect because it features mostly neutral eye shadow with emerald added in only at the crease and lower waterline.

Image courtesy of Silberschatz

You don’t need to use eye shadow to add emerald to your wedding makeup routine. In this look, emerald is added with little colored jewels near the inner corner of the lower lid. Your wedding is a magical affair. Why not go for magical makeup?

Image copyright Travis Curry Photography

There are women who want a subtle look, and then there are those who love the drama. This vibrant emerald eye shadow look is for the latter. Ring your eyes with a bright shade of emerald to go all-out for your wedding.

Which look speaks to you the most?