Inspiration for a Mauve Fall Wedding

Inspiration for a Mauve Fall Wedding

As you plan your fall wedding, don't forget to incorporate your gorgeous signature color. Mauve, a beautifully dusty pale purple, goes well with the changing leaves of autumn. Adding mauve to the flowers, tables--and even the cake--will have your guests in awe. Need a little wedding planning inspo? We've compiled some of our favorite ideas for a mauve fall wedding.

1. Perfect Mauve Bouquets

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The easiest place to incorporate mauve is in the bouquets. Whether it's the bridal bouquet or the reception table centerpieces, mauve will find a welcome home. Roses, mums, and pansies all come in this gorgeous color.

2. The Gift Table

Just as you decorate the dining tables, don't forget about the gift table. Add a bouquet or two to incorporate the wedding color. The white and gold of this card box work well as accent colors.

Card Box

3. Mauve Tablecloths

You might find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of possibilities when it comes to decorating the reception tables. Skip the headache and go for mauve tablecloths. They're the easiest way to show off your signature color without worrying about what goes on top.

Mauve Tablecloths

Danielle Harris Photography

4. For Your Place Settings

The best part of choosing mauve tablecloths is that you can go with complementary or neutral colors for the place settings. Gold or silver cutlery won't clash with your design. For instance, add gold lettering to these glass coasters so guests can see the mauve underneath.

Glass Coasters

5. Mauve Wedding Cake

Even the wedding cake would look great with a bit of mauve. If you still want a relatively traditional-looking cake, incorporate a few mauve layers in with the white. Just like with the place settings, white and gold accents will make your mauve wedding cake something special.

Mauve Wedding Cake

Adriana Klas Photography

6. Wedding Favors

Don't forget about the wedding favors. Hand out a token of your appreciation to your guests as they leave, like these silver bottle openers. The icon and message can even be personalized with your favorite color.

Wedding Favors