Look What They’re Doing With Chocolate These Days!

chocolate-covered-strawberries.jpgBoy, we’ve come a long way from the simple rectangular chocolate bars with their sweet taste and straight edges. Now, chocolate wedding favors come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Here are a few that will WOW any guest!

More than just dipped, these chocolate covered strawberries are divine! Dressed for the special occasion, they are decorated to look like a tuxedo and a wedding gown. The artful precision is amazing, and guests will hardly want to take a bite, but alas…they can’t resist.

Double dipped in chocolate and covered with sprinkles, who wouldn’t love an Oreo cookie like this? Probably no one. America’s favorite cookie gets an upgrade and your guests get to enjoy every sweet bite of these Wedding Chocolate Oreo® Cookies that are wrapped in dark, milk or white chocolate and finished with an assortment of 100% Hand Made Royal Icing Wedding Decorations.

Not your typical lollipop, it’s hard to believe that these gorgeous brides and bridesmaids are actually made of chocolate. Definitely clever and as cute as can be, the woman’s chocolate form comes dressed in an assortment of fine couture gowns made of fabric, ribbon and tulle that are perfect for your bridal shower or just to give to your bridesmaids. They’re almost too pretty to eat.