Looking for a Rip-Roaring Wedding Theme?

Since everyone reading (or writing!) this blog wasn’t around for the Roaring ’20’s in the last century and probably doesn’t know much about that period in American history, it’s more than likely you wouldn’t even consider it as a wedding theme, even though it’s hot, hot, hot in the world of weddings these days. As wedding themes go, this one has the potential to be unforgettable anachronistic fun—especially if you and your groom are jazz aficionados!

In the US, the 1920’s ushered in the Jazz Age and the Art Deco period—modernistic and elegant. Americans also dealt with prohibition (no booze!), bootleg whiskey (because booze was illegal), gangsters (who made and sold the booze and owned the neighborhood “speakeasy”, where you could buy illegal alcohol (or “hooch”) and listen and dance to great jazz ), and women, known as “flappers”, began behaving badly (though by today’s standards, they were pretty tame.) Flappers wore short skirts, bobbed their hair, listened to jazz, wore excessive make-up, drank, drove automobiles (gasp!) and disregarded social and sexual norms. Well, we had to start somewhere!

Your Wedding and All That Jazz!

A Roaring ’20’s wedding creates an opportunity for some of the most exciting wedding attire, decoration, unique wedding favors and entertainment you can imagine. All your wedding stationery can have a cool, art-deco design, and if you really want to get into it, invite your guests to dress in Roaring ’20’s attire if they choose. You’d be surprised at how many people will take you up on your offer and come in costume. (Just think how popular Halloween is!)

Twenties wedding gowns can quickly be found online at sites like Ebay. Your bridesmaids can find flapper costumes with lots of fringe at rental stores locally or online. Think how much they’ll save!

As the golden age of the mob, gangsters and mob bosses had a cool style that included vests and hats (and often a machine gun in a violin case.) Again, 20’s attire is easy to find.


Art Deco-rations

Originally called “Style Moderne” by the French, who began the movement, Art Deco became popular as designers and architects broke with tradition to synchronize their style with the new age. Today, anything art deco—paintings, jewelry, furniture, etc.—is highly collectible. If you research posters, jewelry, furniture and architecture of the art-deco movement, you’ll get wonderful ideas for decorating you reception. The photo on the right is a wonderful example of a Roaring ’20’s wedding reception.

Jazz It Up!


Bring in a jazz band to entertain you and your guests, or hire a DJ who can put together a few hours of 20’s jazz (New Orleans jazz, Dixieland jazz, even sophisticated Chicago jazz!) mixed in with your favorite music from any era. You’ll be introducing your guests to an amazing atmosphere by stepping back in time to another era. Fortunately, prohibition was repealed in 1933, so you can legally have all the alcohol you want, but you can still be creative. Have you ever heard of “bathtub gin”? The term sprung up in the ’20s when people made their own private stash of hooch in their bathtubs. Wouldn’t it be a hoot to have a bathtub filled with ice, beer, wine coolers, water and soft drinks? Guests grab what they want!

Fitting Favors

Don’t think you can find Art Deco wedding favors to thank your guests for sharing what promises to be a spectacular moment in your life? Think again! This Art Deco butterfly bottle stopper is gorgeous glass and just one of five Art Deco wedding favors available at My Wedding Favors. So 23-skidoo and have yourselves the wedding of the century!