New Year Brings New Wedding Trends for 2010

The new year brings new trends! Last year saw a resurgence of a retro bride and candy bars at the reception. Will they still be popular in 2010? Let’s take a look at the wedding trends from The Knot for this year and find out what’s hot and what’s not.

Vintage-Chic Weddings: A hotel, your parents’ backyard or even a restaurant can provide the perfect setting for a retro-chic wedding. Capturing vintage details from the 1950s, ’60s, or even ’70s will be huge in 2010. Make it meaningful by returning to the days of your youth or recreating your parent’s wedding using family heirlooms. Use pretty eyelet runners on the tables or lace tablecloths. You can even arrange your wedding centerpieces in small porcelain vases or silver pitchers.

turquoise favor boxTurquoise is Terrific! The hot color for this year will be turquoise. Mix it with red for a vibrant retro palate or with orange and fuchsia for a tropical beach wedding. Make is sophisticated and elegant by choosing turquoise and coffee. You’ll find that it’s a versatile color that breathes life into any wedding color scheme. Have some fun exploring different color combinations at

All white wedding cakes: Colorful cakes are sooo last decade. It seems that the classic white cake will be making a comeback this year. But, white doesn’t mean plain. Look for beautiful embellishments and designs that make these cakes an intriguing focal point at your wedding reception. Think understated elegance and simplicity, which leads to another wedding cake trend–butter cream icing.

Low centerpiece arrangements: For a while there the grandeur of tall centerpieces with overflowing bouquets were the staple of weddings to create a dramatic look. But whether it’s a desire not to look lavish in a struggling economy or just a shift if taste, this year’s centerpieces will tend to be smaller with lots of personal touches. Textured flowers and charming vases will win out over the too-tall arrangements of years past.

Don’t Forget The DJ: While everyone might not be able to afford a live band, you can at least be sure there is a DJ manning the booth. For a while, the i-Pod seemed like it was going to replace the turntable, master-mixing DJ’s we’ve come to love. But no, they’re making a comeback. Spinning a great selection of hits, you can customize the playlist on the spot and take special requests–something that can’t be done on an i-Pod. You also get the benefit of the DJ’s microphone and sound equipment for announcing the wedding party and other activities at the reception. Hiring a DJ is a win-win!

Make a Grand Exit: Let your getaway be the icing on the cake for your ceremony and reception. Don’t just drive off. Be whisked away in a horse-drawn carriage, have a ticker-tape parade or give everyone sparklers to light up the night. One fun idea that I’m sure the kids will love is gliding paper airplanes in the air instead of throwing rice. As you can see, there are plenty of ways to make your escape memorable.

Since we’re only six days into the New Year, you still have time to incorporate some of these 2010 trends into your wedding.