She Works Hard for the Wedding—What a Way to Pay!

I LOVE this! On July 31, 2010, Andrea Parrish and Peter Geyer of Spokane, WA intend to say their wedding vows, knowing their love for each other—and for the planet—brought them to this long-awaited moment in their lives.

Their economically creative and earth-friendly plan to pay for their event has them collecting these:

Yes. Aluminum cans. The couple now have in their living room more than 18,000 cans, which is almost five percent of their goal to amass 400,000 of the containers.

According to The Spokesman-Review newspaper, if the couple reaches their goal, they’ll have about five tons of aluminum, worth about $3,800 when recycled.

At their Web site,, Andrea and Peter explain their idea: “Even simple weddings cost more than a few dollars. We don’t really have much extra cash sitting around, since we’re just starting out. Add that to the fact that environmental responsibility plays a big part in our lives, and we hatched the crazy plan. Pay for the wedding—with recycling. Aluminum recycling is one of the most sustainable and useful forms of recycling.”

If you live in the Spokane area and would like to donate cans to this crazy/wonderful cause, the pair asks that you contact them, and they’ll pick up your recyclables. Anyone can also donate money to help them have what I’m sure will be an extraordinary, eco-friendly wedding and reception.

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