Nick Cannon Gets “Carey”ed Away by Third Wedding

When a couple have more money than they could possibly use in several lifetimes, they have to come up with creative ways to spend it. I want to believe Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon give generously to charitable causes. Even if they do, they’d still have plenty of money to get married as often as they want (which just happens to be every year on their anniversary) and purchase expensive gifts for each other. It’s their money. They earned it. I have no problem with that. If they ever want to give some of their money to me, I would return the favor with one heck of a gratitude-filled blog post. (Other wealthy people who want to relieve themselves of a bit of that heavy monetary burden they carry, take note!)

Wear and Where!

The high-powered couple just celebrated their third anniversary with a third wedding (or, more precisely, a second renewal of their vows.) She wore white (which once again proves how meaningless it’s become for a bride to wear white in the third millennium,) and so did he. After two island weddings, the couple took it down a few notches and got married at home. While they went traditional for their attire and venue, when it came to finger bling, Nick went in a totally different direction…


To propose to Mariah in 2008, Nick hid the diamond engagement ring in a ring pop candy wrapper. There’s a photo of a candy ring pop on the left. Okay. So this year, Nick decided he wanted to do something fun, saying “This is what we do for toys. At some point, you’ve gotta have a sense of humor about all of this. A sense of humor with diamonds.” On the right is the ring he had made for Mariah to celebrate this anniversary. Designed by Jason of Beverly Hills, the ring is a huge, diamond- and sapphire-encrusted dead ringer for the popular children’s candy. There’s no sweet taste, and licking that big sucker could easily rip a taste bud or two off her tongue. No one is saying how much it cost, but I’ll bet the ring probably costs a gazillion times more than the candy.

Wonderful Anniversary Gift—Or a Waste of Money?

What’s your take on this? One one hand (no pun intended,) it’s Nick’s money to spend however he chooses, and spending that money helps keep the jeweler and all his employees working. On the other hand, well, I’m finding it hard to come up with another hand. I guess it’s hard for those of us with middle-class bank accounts (especially in today’s economy) to watch people of means put their money toward something we perceive as frivolous. But the reality is, if we had that kind of money, we’d probably do the same thing. Congratulations, Mariah and Nick—both on your third wedding anniversary…and your wealth.