Now, This Takes The Cake…Literally!

It’s the height of wedding planning season! Wedding planners, caterers and bakers are all abuzz with the details. Preparing for all of those summer weddings is a pain-staking process for the owners of a Wisconsin bakery. They’ve taken nearly 250 wedding cake orders by hand, thus far. Each order is too detailed for the computer, including photos and sketches of the cake designs. That’s why these precious gems are kept in the office safe.

Burglars must have thought there was more than contracts in there, so they recently stole the entire safe from the 25-year-old business. To the burglar’s surprise, there was very little petty cash in the safe, just the contracts. When the police notified the owners that the store was robbed, they weren’t upset because they knew that they only kept a small amount of money at the office. But when the owners were told that the thieves stole the entire safe, they hit the roof! And rightly so. Imagine all those orders–gone just like that! It will definitely take some time for them to recreate the information.

In the meantime, why not try these cakes instead? The baker’s search may just be beginning, but your search for perfect “cakes” can end with these. They are beautifully crafted, cake-shaped candles that will be the icing on a beautiful wedding or shower. Or forgo the cake altogether, and let them eat cupcakes! These dainty cupcake holders are a stylish and practical way to serve up some smiles at your event.