Five Feindish Wedding Cake Toppers to Avoid

I came across a list of the 10 Worst Wedding Cake Toppers and thought it would be fun to share the top five with you. (I apologize in advance if yours happens to be on the list.) Many of them are fun and whimsical, but some left me wondering what the couple the couple was thinking.

Customized cakes have paved the way for customized cake toppers. While it may be a nice idea to let the cake topper reflect your wedding theme or personality, some of these designs may push the limit.

The Stripper: As you can tell by the picture, this design features a bride with dollar bills in her garter along with her leering groom. He has more dollars in his hands and more than wedding cake on his mind. While I’m all for the “private dance,” this may be a bit too public for me.

The Kiss: Speaking of private, there are some things that might need to be left behind closed doors. If I was the bride, I’m not sure I would want everyone to see me “jump his bones” right there on the wedding cake!

Prisoner Of Love: Just as the name implies, this pistol-packing bride has a handgun strapped to her garter and is handcuffed to the groom. I guess he’ll be under house arrest for a long time!

Catch of the Day: This one was so realistic, it was scary. The detail of the life-size fish was amazing with scales, fins and even a visible worm in its mouth. Kudos to the designer though for pulling it off!

Gone Shopping: The perplexed and helpless groom stands atop the wedding cake alone reading a sign that says, “Gone Shopping!” The only remembrances of his bride are the shoes and veil. Let’s face it. If you can’t forget about the mall on your wedding day, there might be a problem.

Seeing these unusual designs may have you wanting something a little more subdued for your wedding cake, like these beautiful cake toppers from Monogrammed cake toppers are the latest trend, adding simple elegance to your cake. Hearts and plaques can also be engraved with your name and wedding date for a keepsake that’s truly your own.