Carrie Bradshaw’s Beautiful Gown Gets the Bird!

Sue here. Saw the movie. Must put my TWIST (The Way I See Things) into the flood of opinions swirling around out there. I was a big fan of the HBO series (Sex and the City, if you haven’t figured it out yet,) and the movie didn’t disappoint. It was a hoot!

But I’m compelled to comment on Cari’s choice of bridal headwear. When she first tried on the gown that she would wear on her wedding day, I thought it was one of the most beautiful gowns I’d ever seen. It truly was breathtaking. Then, on her wedding day, she had her veil attached to this blue, feathered thing that turned out to be a bird.

Now I freely admit I’m not a fashionista, nor do I pay a lot of attention to high fashion because, like most people, I really can’t afford it. But I can tell when something looks ridiculous, and that hideous, blue bird caught in her veil undid every bit of beauty, elegance and style she might have otherwise had on the most important day of her life. Once you get a load of that bird, it’s impossible to look away–like watching a horrible accident scene. I know Carrie Bradshaw’s hallmark is her avant garde sense of style, and I really do think most of her clothes are very cool. But the costume designer or stylist who made this call really blew it. I can’t say anything more without giving important plot points away, so I’ll make the best of this fashion freak out.

How? By finding the absolute perfect wedding favor to complement that bird! Who knows? Maybe it was the greatest fashion moment of the century so far. If it was (but I sincerely doubt it,) how fabulous would it be to decorate her wedding reception tables (in the distinguished New York Public Library!) with the “Love Dove” Chrome Bottle Opener. At the very least, it would give guests a more becoming bird to focus on. Actually, the “Love Dove” would be a gorgeous wedding party favor even if Carrie had worn a more appealing head ornament.

When I ignored the bird and concentrated on the dress itself, I realized she would have no problem coordinating her guest book and ring bearer pillow with the champagne color of her gown. Sleek satin with a simple bow–and no bird.

So really. You must tell me. Whether you’ve seen the movie or are just seeing the photos of Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding ensemble right here and now–what do you think of the look? And I need more than “I love it!” I’d really appreciate knowing why you think this is a smashing wedding combo. For those of you who say, “Yuck,” believe me, I understand…