Real Life Wedding Lessons We Learned from Films

On the big screen, few things spell “disaster” like a wedding in the works. Grooms go missing. Bridesmaids get food poisoning. Money disappears faster than you can say “ice sculpture.” Hilarity ensues. But somewhere in the midst of chaos, matrimonial mayhem, and the predictable happily ever after’s, there are valuable nuggets of wisdom to be gleaned. Here are just a few fictional weddings offering up real life lessons.


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Film: The Wedding Singer
Lesson: Weddings last a day. Marriage lasts forever.
This 1998 film about a 1985 wedding became an instant classic thanks to an old lady with a fervent love of meatballs and Adam Sandler’s memorable in-flight serenade. But mullets and air acoustics aside, this rom-com taught us that who you marry is vastly more important than the wedding day itself. Sure you might have spent your whole life envisioning your aisle walk, but are you really going to waste that vision on someone who loves Las Vegas and fishnet-clad waitresses more than you? Hold out for your dream groom. The wedding can wait.


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Film: Sex and the City
Lesson: Bigger does not always mean better.
Carrie B’s wedding to Big was a big deal, as anyone who watched six seasons of the hit series can attest. The Vogue Shoot! The Vivienne Westwood dress! New York City Library’s marble staircase! In the midst of glitz, Carrie became more concerned doing things big than well…Big himself (sorry, we had to squeeze just one more pun in.) The result? One cold-footed groom, three baffled bridesmaids, and a good bouquet bashing. Thankfully, Carrie sees the big picture in the end (really, we’re stopping now), dons a simple suit, and exchanges courtrooms “I Do’s” without all the bells and whistles. Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with sweet and simple.


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Film: Bride Wars
Lesson: Don’t be Bridezilla.
Ok, so technically there were two bridezillas in this film; best friends double-booked at the same coveted wedding venue on the same day, to be exact. Cue backstabbing, temper tantrums, and unfortunate encounters with aqua hair dye and tanner. Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway are two brides you love to hate, but there’s nothing funny about real life bridezilla behavior. Don’t sacrifice your friendships in the name of matrimonial perfection, please. (Honorable mention: 27 Dresses.)

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Film: My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Lesson: Remember your roots.
Arguably the best wedding film of all time. With no shortage of ill-fitting taffeta, circle dancing, and crazy old Greeks wielding Windex, this movie reminds us of the important role family members play in our lives. You may not have the perfect family, but then again who does? Your weddings is a time to celebrate love—not just new love but familial love from those who knew you before you were a vision in white. So what if tradition means front yard spit roasts and 8,000 cousins named Nick? (Honorable mention: Sweet Home Alabama.)