Remembering Someone Special at Your Wedding

Weddings are joyful occasions. Period. If you let a glitch in the proceedings (the limo is late, thunderstorms abound, you put on a pound or two between fittings) create the tone for your wedding, you’re focused on the wrong thing. There’s really only one thing that can diminish the joy of a wedding. Someone you dearly loved—mom, dad, a grandparent, a sister or brother—has passed, and you wish they could be there with you on this day of all days.

You may want to consider including a memorial-candle lighting as part of your ceremony. You may have one or several people you want to commemorate, and personalized memorial candles provide a dignified and meaningful way to do so.

Memorial candles can be placed on a table near the altar and lit prior to the ceremony, or you may choose to make lighting the candles part of the ceremony. Simply ask your officiant to incorporate it into the service. You may do the lighting yourselves or, for example, if your father is deceased, you can give the honor of lighting his candle to your mother when she walks down the aisle.

No matter how you choose to use it, a memorial candle is a warm and lovely way for your departed loved one to have a tangible presence at your wedding.