This Guy Takes “Trash The Dress” To A Whole New Level!

Most of the time, you think about the bride trashing the dress. It’s such a release–and relief from all that wedding planning. But, never did I expect to see the groom (albeit ex-groom) going on a marathon trash fest! Yes, divorce brings out the bitterness in the best of us. After 12 years of marriage, all this poor guy was left with was his ex-wife’s wedding dress. Here’s how the story goes…

“You forgot something” I told her.

She replied “And what’s that?”.

“Your wedding dress”, I said.

“Yeah, I am not taking that” was her response.

“What do you expect me to do with it?” I asked.

And to that she replied, “Whatever the $%^@# you want”.

And that’s exactly what he did…..

In a quest to come up with 101 uses for this dress, his blog is full of laughable and even ingenious ways to trash the dress.

Right now, I think he’s just beyond the halfway point to reaching his goal. Some of them funny, some of them outlandish, and some of them just plain ridiculous, like using the netting as a fruit stainer to make cocktails. I’m not so sure I’d want to drink something that’s been strained through a rough-and-tumble wedding dress that has truly been through the ringer (although drinking it in one of the toasting flutes I used at the wedding might add some refreshing irony to the taste.) Hey… you only live life once!

Need a break from your wedding planning? Take a peek at his website to get all the dirty details. You’ve gotta love the header!