Save-the-Date Videos: High-End Wedding Trend?

Aside from being an enthusiastic wedding blogger, I’m also an award-winning videographer and video producer. This isn’t to brag, but to offer credibility for the comments I’m about to make. I just finished viewing a spectacular save-the-date video produced by a couple who is either incredibly well-to-do, or is in the movie/video production biz or has extremely generous friends in the movie/video production biz. The production values are exceptional, so I can safely say this uncommon save-the-date offering wouldn’t come cheap. I’m talking thousands here. Seriously. There’s some green-screen work in there, and the cost of the graphics alone would probably pay for a nice honeymoon. Turn up your speakers, cllick here and take a look. You may get one or two knock-your-socks-off save-the-date ideas.
So what did you think? Judging from the images (video and photo,) this is a well-traveled couple. They were clearly in Australia to shoot part of the video, and they’ll be getting married in southern California. This pair seems to be spending an obscene amount of money on their wedding—and good for them, as long as they have it. Meanwhile, I can think of better ways to spend my wedding budget.

Of course, this video naturally leads us to wonder if there will be an even more stunning wedding video. Expectations will certainly be high. And when they have a baby? Stay tuned to YouTube…