Should You Give Out Wedding Favors? 6 Reasons Why this Practice Still Rocks

Many wedding trends of decades past aren’t nearly as crucial today as they used to be. Now, more and more couples are doing away with classic wedding traditions for a number of reasons, whether it’s to save money, save time or tailor the experience to their unique love.

Cheers Corkscrew

But some of those wedding traditions stand the test of time. One of those is the practice of giving out wedding favors to guests, like this classic cheers corkscrew. Thoughtful gifts make guests feel welcome and can make your theme shine!

1. Guests will love it…if you choose wisely

Try to find a favor that is useful or practical. After all, most people will love to take something home with them that they can use later. For instance, sets of measuring spoons are both practical and fun.

2. Everyone likes food and drinks

You can be sure that if you hand out food or drinks as favors, like personalized chocolates, no one will be complaining. They’ll be too busy enjoying their treat!

3. You can make them fun

Don’t worry, wedding favors can be fun, especially if they’re incorporated into a wedding activity. For instance, you could set up a photo booth at the reception and give the photos to guests as their favors.

4. They can be meaningful

Don’t think of wedding favors as throwaways. Instead, think of them as an extension of you as a couple. Choose something that fits your interests or family dynamic. Do you like to travel as a couple? Hand out travel themed luggage tags. It will be fun to share your hobby with guests.

5. It’s a classic gesture

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with tradition! If you love the classic wedding traditions, keep wedding favors on the list. Guests will love beautifully packaged soap. After all, it’s a great way to say thank you to all your guests.

6. They aren’t as expensive as you think

Sure, costs add up when you have hundreds of guests, but don’t go thinking that wedding favors will take a big chunk of your budget. Most wedding favors will only be one to three dollars per person. These fun, personalized bottle openers are as low as $2.45 each!