Should You Tan Before Your Wedding?

You want to be your most beautiful self for your wedding. We understand! And there are a lot of beauty regimens to go through for the big day.

Image copyright Evil Erin

But, you may be contemplating tanned skin for your wedding. In most cases, though, this can be a bad idea. Follow these rules when considering a tan for your wedding, and avoid all the potential pitfalls.

  1. Stay away from the sun and tanning booths. As you likely know by now, UV rays are bad for you, whether from a booth or from direct sunlight. If you’re absolutely set on tanned wedding day skin, go for a fake tan.
  2. Test your tan ahead of time. Don’t use any new skin products right before your wedding. After all, some self-tanners can turn you orange. You could even end up with an allergic reaction. It’s better to know that before you start walking down the aisle.
  3. Start early. Like with any big changes, make them at least a month before your wedding, though three months is better. This counts for new hairstyles, teeth whitening and fake tans. Get your desired tan ahead of time and then maintain it over the weeks and months so you aren’t surprised right before your wedding.
  4. Test it out with your wedding dress. White already makes you look tanner than you really are. Use your wedding dress or a white tank top to see how your tan looks (again, well before the wedding.) You may find that you’re looking a bit darker than you planned and can use the next few weeks to lighten up.
  5. Test it out with your bridal makeup. Your makeup artist should know you’re going to be tanned beforehand. Colors that looked good when you were pale may not look good when you’re darker. But, if you tanned well ahead of time like you should, your makeup artist won’t be surprised by your tan on the big day.

With all this said, are you planning on a tan wedding?