This Wedding Theme Has Them Racing To The Altar!

When the long-awaited bride finally gets the groom to say “I Do,” it’s a sure bet that there will be a race to the altar. Such is the case for this fun-loving couple-literally!

This Canadian couple has known each other since grade school, but their lives followed different paths. They each had traditional weddings the first time around the track with different partners. After both of those marriages stalled out, it was their passion for hot rods that caused they’re paths to cross each other again. Both are car enthusiasts. The groom says that he and his family have about 24 race cars between them, so the thought of having four-wheeling festivities for their wedding theme was nothing short of a smooth ride.

After reading about their story and how it totally captured their personalities and style, I just had to give you the details. Whether you’re a race car fan or not, you’ll appreciate how their attention to detail allowed them to come in for a fantastic photo finish:

Location: Race Track (of course)

What better location for their pit crew (otherwise known as their family and friends) to join them for this unique wedding. Their “forever fans” were cheering from the stands as the couple said their vows.

Bride’s Entrance:

With dust flying and tires squealing after the shot gun start, the bride and the wedding party haul it to the finish line (the altar). How exciting!

Wedding Attire:

Realizing that for this type of wedding, a traditional gown and tuxedo just wouldn’t do. They opted for custom racing shirts and shorts for their outdoor wedding. Matching race shirts were designed for each of the members of the wedding party, the minister included. The minister’s said “Official,” and the nephews’ said “Track Crew,” and the wedding party’s said “Pit Crew.” While many women might want to reverse the titles on the couple’s shirts, the groom’s said “Driver,” and it was “Crew Chief” for the bride.

Reception: Good music and good BBQ inside the oval of the race track.

bottled-water.jpgTheir goal was to create a relaxed atmosphere where they could have fun and enjoy the day with family and friends. In my opinion, this wedding definitely gets first place. The only thing I might add would be a unique wedding favor. How about some personalized bottled water for the thirsty fans? They could have also had some personalized wedding fans to help their guests create their own breeze. I’m sure that sitting outside at the race track made for a hot venue. Well enough about the wedding favors. Some of you might be wondering, “What do you get the lovely couple who probably already has everything?” Well, My Wedding Favors as the answer. This stock car bar sign would be the perfect gift idea! From winery to billiards, we have them in a variety of themes, so it’s easy to find one that suits your personal style.

I was so impressed with the way this couple used every opportunity to enhance their racing wedding theme. Hopefully, their story will inspire you to think outside the box and create a wedding that is uniquely you!