Useful? Yes. Eco-Friendly? Yes. Elegant Favor? Not So Much.

If you’re an eco-conscious bride who’s planning an ultra-green wedding, you’ll fall in love with this idea. I know I did. How about giving your guests reusable grocery bags as wedding favors? How cool is that? I think the reason most people don’t use eco-friendly grocery transports is because they don’t want to spend the money, but if you give them one, I bet they’ll use it. To make this planet-saving favor go with your decor, just roll it up and tie it with ribbon that matches your color scheme. Is it the height of elegance? Probably not, but it’s a thank-you gift that helps your guests do wonders for the world.

plantable-hearts.jpg ecofavorbags1.jpg If you like the idea of green favors, but you want something a little smaller and, well, elegant, here are two ideas that will beautify your surroundings—at your wedding reception and beyond. The”Love Grows” Plantable, Heart-Shaped Wildflower favor (left) creates colorful gardens wherever your guests plant them. Same for the popular Personalized Eco-Friendly Wedding Favor Bag (right,) which gives you a number of design choices to coordinate with your wedding decor. No matter what environmentally sound wedding favor you choose, you’re sure to feel good about it!