Get Carried Away With Feather Bouquets For Your Wedding

Just think about all the time spent scouring through magazines, attending bridal shows, and performing endless internet searches. It’s obvious that brides are seeking ways to make their wedding different from the others they’ve seen. Amongst the sea of dresses, wedding favors and cakes, things can start to look mundane until you come across something really unique that catches your eye like nothing else has before. And, as far as nontraditional wedding bouquets go, this is it!

Dramatic, sensual and intriguing, these handmade feather bouquets from Emplume are the perfect solution for brides who are looking for something other than flowers to carry down the aisle. These non-floral, couture bouquets feature gorgeous feathers with elegant pearls, tassels, sparkling jewels and luxurious ribbon accents that add the finishing touch of beauty to each design. This one even includes preserved flowers. And because they are custom made, it’s easy to capture your color scheme or personality in the design.

Whether you’re having a retro wedding or you’re a fashion-forward bride with an eye for style, these bouquets might be just the extra touch you’ve been looking for. But don’t stop at the bouquet. With feathers, you can bring that same flair to the table with tall wedding centerpieces that feature elegant vases with plumes. And, of course, there must be a feather pen to sign the wedding guest book. Yes, your guests are sure to be flying high with the creative use of feathers at your wedding. So, you’d better keep them grounded with some personalized wedding favors. The pyramid monogrammed favors boxes are a beautiful way to dress up your sweet treats like Jordan almonds.