Putting the “Scent” in Wedding Centerpieces—Reed Diffusers!


Wow! Here’s a way to have an intoxicating fragrance drift through your wedding reception—without flowers or scented candles! Used as stylish centerpieces, these reed diffusers offer a safe, flame-free, flower-free fragrance to delight your guests in an unexpected way.

Most diffuser reeds are made of rattan, but bamboo is also an option. Some of the scents available are Black Ginger and Bamboo, Spiced Cranberry, On the Beach, Vanilla Supreme, Orange Cupcake, Lavender, Sugar Cane, Orange Blossom, Lotus Flower—different companies offer different fragrances.

How It Works

The reed diffuser consists of a container, scented oil and several reeds. You simply pour the oil into the diffuser reed bottle and insert the diffuser reeds. As you can see from the photo (upper left,) the reed diffusers themselves would make lovely centerpieces. The diffusers can scent a room for a month or more, so the lucky guests who win their table’s centerpiece will have your wedding memories thrilling their senses for quite a while.

Imagine the Possibilities!
aurora-vase.jpg A different container, a stem or two of your favorite flower, some colored crystals strewn around the base—you’ve designed a centerpiece to suit your personality and match your decor. Here are a couple of centerpiece bases perfect for a combination of flowers and reed diffusers. With the”Aurora” vase on the left, you can put the scented oil in first, the flowers on top, and then place the reeds artfully among the flowers. Just make sure the bottoms of the reeds are in the scented oil. Having a beach wedding? The shimmering “Marine Mosaic” vase (right) filled with “On the Beach” reed diffusers will have the aroma of sun, sand and a hint of cocoanut wafting breezily throughout your reception! A few orchid blossoms, seashells and sand dollars scattered around the base, a few color-coordinated crystal stems among the reeds, and you’ve got a one-of-a-kind centerpiece that smells as good as it looks!

I only heard about reed diffusers recently, and I think they’re really a great addition to centerpieces. What do you think?