The Average Wedding Doesn’t Cost As Much As We’ve Been Told!

You’ve heard it. I’ve heard it. And we’re being fooled by how much the average US wedding supposedly costs. The Wall Street Journal has discovered that? The Wedding Report—a data and statistics-driven publication for the wedding industry—has mislead its readers by announcing that the average cost of a wedding is $30,000.

To Half and to Hold!

In fact, the WSJ says that, while many US weddings do cost $30K and more, 80% of American weddings average half that number—around $15,000. The problem with The Wedding Report’s misinformation is that wedding planning professionals might decide their best business move is to accept only weddings that cost $30K and above, leaving 80% of brides-to-be to plan on their own.

And what about engaged couples who are dismayed because their budgets are based on the current economy and don’t want to go into debt? The good news is that The Wedding Report has it wrong, and you can have a fantastic wedding for $15K! Including fabulous favors!

Beauty and the Beach

gold-chair-favor-box.jpgmargarita-gel-candle.jpg Two of my favorite favors run the gamut from elegant to whimsical. It simply depends on whether your wedding reception is traditional or a destination wedding on a distant, white-sand shore. For the elegant, traditional wedding, I love the Miniature Gold Chair Favor Boxes with Heart Charm and Ribbon (left.) Not only can they be used as place card holders, but you can monogram the front of the chairs with your new initial! If a laid-back bash on a beach is your style, one of the coolest favors you can give is the Margarita Glass Gel Candle in a Tropical Tiki Hut gift box (right.) You might even be serving your guests the real thing at your reception. They’ll love it! And both of these favors fit perfectly into a $15K budget–or even less!