Newlywed Tip: Help With The Name-Change Game

You’ve ordered the cake and found the perfect centerpieces for the reception. Your wedding planning is almost done, except for one thing.

All of you soon-to-be newlyweds out there know that there is one little detail that can only be done after the wedding. No, I’m not talking about opening the wedding gifts or sending monogrammed thank-you notes, but changing your name! Whether you’re hyphenating, making your maiden name your middle name or you guys decide to do something a little crazy and create a brand new name to enjoy, updating all of your personal records can be a daunting task. Just think of all the places where your name is listed–the IRS, federal and state governments, driver’s license, credit cards, the US post office… The list goes on and on, leaving you to enter your name and address a million times on a mound of repetitious paperwork. My goodness! It’s enough to make your head spin.

Well not anymore! NameBirdie, an automated name-change website, comes to the rescue. NameBirdie’s handy platform helps you update all of your accounts and records in one easy place. Designed specifically for newlyweds, this secure resource is customized by state and also writes notification letters that are ready to mail.

Of course there is is a nominal fee. But when you think about how much time you might spend completing and filing forms, it might just be worth the investment. With that detail taken care of, you can make Mom happy by getting on with more important things–like planning that baby shower!

dove_lg.jpglovedovestin.jpgSince we’re talking about birdies, I’d like to suggest another feathered friend that you won’t have to wait until after your wedding to get. Our Love Dove bottle opener is a practical wedding favor that makes an elegant presentation on any table. Sleek and silver, it comes perfectly packaged in a black and white gift box. Or how about this love-bird themed tin of mints? Filled with heat-shaped peppermints, this personalized wedding favor will have everyone chirping with excitement!