Using Snowflakes in Your Winter Wedding Cake Design

While it may not officially be winter yet, many parts of the world are already having their first snow. When you have a winter wedding, why not embrace this beautiful imagery by adding snowflakes to your wedding cake design? If you’re not sure if this is the right choice for your wedding’s signature dessert, check out these inspirational snowflake wedding cake photos.

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Why not add some snowflakes to each tier of your traditional white wedding cake? These flakes fall on top of each tier as if it was snowing right inside the reception!

Image copyright Marilyn Ludwig

You could always stick the snowflakes to the sides of your wedding cake. This cake features both white and silver glittery snowflakes.

Image courtesy of Kaytlyn Fisher

Don’t forget about the top of your winter wedding cake! This spray of snowflakes adds some serious beauty and elegance to your dessert.

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You don’t have to stick with white or silver snowflakes. This cake features blue snowflakes–perfect for a wedding with a blue accent color.

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Are you serving cupcakes at your wedding reception? You can always feature a snowflake design on your cupcakes as well! These even have the icing hanging down like icicles.

Which of these is your favorite winter wedding cake?