2009 Wedding Colors—Waaaaay Over the Rainbow!

Pastels are a thing of the past—for this year at least. Bright, bold and luminous are 2009’s adjectives for trendy wedding colors. The gorgeous turquoise, yellow and purple bouquet at the left is an indication that howling-hot hues have arrived just in time for your wedding!

Blazing red will also be getting a lot of play this year as will luminous pinks and bright orange with peach tones. Jewel tones, below left, will also find their way into the best weddings over the next twelve months. I LOVE this trend! Wedding receptions have gotten so boring and predictable. A wedding reception decorated in jewel tones like the one in the tent would take my breath away, and I would have greater respect for a bride and groom who stretched the boundaries of convention!

So fire it up, and while you’re at it, give your guests one of the hot, 2009 wedding favors to seal the deal on a smashing success! Here are three brand-new favors to get your creative juices flowing. The tri-colored “Love-Sicle” Popsicle Soap Favors on the left can lick any other favor in orange and luminous pink! In the center are the “Imperial” Glass Coasters. It’s like they were made for the jewel-tone reception under the tent. I’m including the third one for those of you who are planning a laid-back, casual backyard barbecue and want to give your guests a favor full of memories—the “Hot Off the Grill!” Mini-Grill Tea Light/Place Card/Photo Holder is simply IT! How cute are the hot dog and hamburger place cards! Talk about on FI RE! So tell me–do you have the guts to go wild with color at your upcoming wedding?