Create a Wave of Well Wishes for Your Destination Wedding

At My Wedding Favors, we’re always looking for ways to help you make your wedding unique. Sometimes, we share information about some of our unique wedding favors that are perfectly themed for your event, or it may be a trendy food truck to add a little fun to your reception. But, this time, it’s a creative idea for your guestbook for a destination wedding.

Signed Sealed and Delivered

Everyone knows that the Postman always delivers! But, with this unique guestbook alternative, your guests will be the ones putting something nice in your mailbox. Their well wishes will be signed sealed and delivered right to your doorstep long after the wedding is over. Instead of having guests sign a book, place a basket of themed postcards from the destination of your wedding on the table or put one at each place setting with a personalized pen they can take with them. Already stamped and addressed to the bride and groom, guests can write their message on the back and drop them in the mail before they leave town or after they return home. (Note: If you don’t want to risk them not mailing them, simply ask your wedding coordinator to collect them at the reception and mail them back to you.)

Not only is this guestbook alternative a fun idea, but there are a few benefits you should know about. Having a postcard guestbook:

  • Gives guests the time and space to write something meaningful, if they so choose, instead of a hurried sentence on the way to the buffet
  • Avoids making anyone stand in line to write their message
  • Creates a unique keepsake that might be enjoyable to save and look at in the future.

Catch the wave

Most times, when we think about catching a wave, we think about high tide when the surfs up. But, just think about how nice it will be when a wave of well wishes starts crashing your mailbox. All those special messages, greetings and love from the place where you celebrated your love will be “floating” in periodically after you return home, bringing a gentle warm breeze each time one is read.

Collect them as they arrive and create a scrapbook with them. Or bundle them together with colorful ribbon from your special day as a keepsake. You can enjoy reading the postcards each year on your anniversary.