How to Pack Your Honeymoon Carry-On Bag

Hey, June brides! July brides! August brides! Ladies, you are HOT! Oh, yes! And there’s a good chance you’ll be going someplace even hotter on your honeymoon! Packing light is the key to being carefree and, more important, to keep from having to pay a bunch of money for a second or third bag on your flight.

Personally, I like to keep it to one carry-on bag, no matter where I go. No extra charges, easy in and out of airports, no lost luggage—it makes travel so much easier and cost-effective. I can already hear some of you saying, “Just one bag? I’ll never be able to get everything I need in just one bag!” Maybe you can, if you just pack correctly. Here’s a video with tips on how to stuff all your stuff into one bag!

If yours is a destination wedding, then it’s understandable you won’t be able to get everything in one bag. If you plan to take two or three bags, make sure you have luggage tags on the bags you check. No, a luggage tag can’t prevent the air line from losing your luggage, but it can certainly help you identify it quickly if your luggage tag stands out. In a world full of black, dark green, brown and red luggage, sometimes it can be tricky pulling the right suitcase off the conveyor.

Let me help with two cool tags so different, you’ll know your luggage right away. And if you use these eye-catching luggage tags to fulfill your need for unique wedding favors, you just have to order a few extra to have what you need to keep track of all your luggage on the trip of a lifetime! Take a look!