Planning a Hauntingly Festive Bachelorette Party

As Halloween nears, it’s the perfect time for spooky parties. Celebrate your upcoming wedding with a hauntingly festive bachelorette party that will give you one last big spook before you say ‘I Do!’

Choosing a Location

When it comes to hosting a spooky bachelorette party, the location options are endless! You can choose to travel to a famously haunted location for a really exciting weekend, or you can throw a hauntingly festive dinner party and ghost tour around your area.

Do your research! Some of the best towns to visit for ghost hunting are New Orleans, Savannah, Charleston, New York City, Philadelphia, Portland and San Francisco – all fun cities for bachelorette weekends! If you travel to one of these cities, mix spookiness and fun with ghost tours, cocktails and fun nights out.

If you choose to keep your party local, find a few fun places that are suspected to be haunted – give yourselves a good scare by visiting them. Or, plan to visit a few haunted houses followed by a night out with some drinks.

Whether you stay local or travel somewhere far, your hauntingly festive bachelorette party is sure to be a spooky and fun experience!

Spooky Swag for your Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette parties always come with the best party swag, and a spooky bachelorette party is no different!

Start with invitations that inform your guests of the party’s essential details. Make sure they fit the theme! If you’re planning on setting up coordinating outfits or costumes, include that information in the invitation as well.

For the night of the party, give each guest a custom cup or a drink koozie to keep their drinks cold. That way everyone will know you’re celebrating together. If the party is an overnighter, themed matching shirts for the morning after are a great way to keep the party going.

Treating your best girls with some spooky swag is a great way to remember the fun you had!

Hauntingly Perfect Party Decor

The decor for your hotel, rental or dinner party is sure to be fun for this bachelorette party. Gather up fake skulls, drippy candlesticks, deep-hued flowers and other mysterious decor pieces. Use them around the space to add some whimsical fun.

Set up a drink station with gummy eyeballs, worms and creepy crawlies to garnish your signature drink with. And serve snacks and sweets that fit the spooky theme as well!

Your hauntingly festive bachelorette party weekend will be one of the most fun memories of your single life. Make it count with fun decor, spooky details and all of your best girlfriends!

Haunted Bachelorette Party Collage | Planning a Hauntingly Festive Bachelorette Party | My Wedding Favors

Haunted Colors | Planning a Hauntingly Festive Bachelorette Party | My Wedding Favors

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